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B Incomplete Sensory function preserved but not motor function is preserved below the neurological level and includes the sacral segments S4—S5. See below for the most common incomplete syndromes.

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Mechanisms of Incomplete Dominance Many genes show complete dominance. The very incomplete may have virtually no noticeable loss of motor function but impaired sensation or other bodily functions. The true extent of many incomplete injuries isn't fully known until weeks post injury.

My outcome is very similar to what is described below for central cord syndrome. An individual with a C7 injury may lose function from the chest down but still retain use of the arms and much of the hands.


First, there is an injured functional medullary segment. What recovery there is will be dependent on three main factors.

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It is possible, if the nerves are not too badly damaged, for them to grow again and for the recovery of function. Complete spinal-cord lesions[ edit ] Pathophysiologically, the spinal cord of the tetraplegic patient can be divided into three segments which can be useful for classifying the injury.

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Gaussalso used these integrals during his research. This leads to nerve deterioration and loss of physical and mental abilities.

A partial severing or even bruising of the spinal cord results in varying degrees of mixed function and paralysis. If a donor reserves any power of a property’s disposition, the gift may be incomplete.

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2 has become widely accepted (with various modification), which divides congenital cochlear anomalies according to the timing of the developmental arrest. Conveniently starting at 3 rd week till the end of 7 th week of gestation, an insult during each subsequent week results in a distinct inner ear abnormality.

Incomplete Quadriplegia Every incomplete tetraplegic or quadriplegic will be different. Just because the cord damage is the same level as another person it doesn't mean the resultant disability will be the same. How Incomplete is abbreviated or is used as part of acronym or abbreviation definition?

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2 incomplete
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