Frankenstein socratic seminar

Comic book format — Choose one major episode from the novel and create a comic book full of details. Who is Prometheus in the novel. Yessayan jewellery sar lacc essay on mycotoxins power and politics in the workplace essays about education mississippi burning movie essay citation safety and health at work essay and put evolution versus creationism essays research papers for psychology progymnasmata narrative essay.

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What would be an example. Passage Analysis 1 C. The qualities that the creature posses is that he can eat, walk, talk, and think.

Write an insightful question about the text that will require proof and group discussion and "construction of logic" to discover or explore the answer to the question. I discovered that many others interpreted some meanings of the novel in the same way that I did.

Questions about the question: How does the Creature suffer as a result. The creature was never given a Christian name because he was never really born, he was created.

When he leaves him he changes the creatures views on the world. What strategies and devices does Shelley use to make the story scary. Prometheus was a Titan, a race of giant gods who ruled the earth until overthrown by Zeus, in Greek mythology.

Dec 08,  · Outsiders: How is Frankenstein a tragic hero? And how are Frankenstein's and Walton's stories parallel? Knowledge: Imagine you are a judge.

The conflict you must resolve is who is responsible for the deaths of William, Justine, henry, and Elizabeth. Whom do you find to be guilty of the crimes, Frankenstein or the. Socratic Seminars "The unexamined life is not worth living."-Socrates.

Socratic Seminars ; Socratic Seminar Student Guidelines; Background.


The Socratic method of teaching is based on Socrates' theory that it is more important to enable students to think for themselves than. Students prepare for a Socratic seminar by comparing and contrasting the myths of Prometheus and Pandora, excerpts from Frankenstein, and “Flowers for Algernon.”.

Socratic Seminar Frankenstein DIRECTIONS: The following questions will be used to generate a structured but organic discussion on Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel Frankenstein. On a separate sheet of paper, write well-organized and thoroughly supported single.

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Crafting and Conducting a Successful Socratic Seminar

Frankenstein Socratic Seminar (major) due 2/26 ; Late Work Contract. Frankenstein Socratic Seminar Questions And Answers PDF may not make venturesome reading, but Frankenstein Socratic Seminar Questions And Answers is packed later vital instructions, guidance and warnings.

Here is the access Download Page of Frankenstein Socratic Seminar Questions And Answers PDF.

Frankenstein socratic seminar
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Teaching Strategy: Socratic Seminar | Facing History