Nurse in vietnam

Rather than a fight between nations with clear boundaries, flags, and uniforms, the war in Vietnam was a civil war. I was thinking, "Here I am judging, and I'm saying what the heck are we doing here, look at all these lives lost, all these young boys and for what.

Her hospital in Vung Tau was located next to an army airstrip but had to keep being moved back to avoid mortar attacks. It depended on the season. We didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

And I understand, from the best I was able to keep up, that he did fairly well. I didn't really have much time to worry about right and wrong back then, because during these mass-cals we'd be up for 36 hours at a stretch.

Captain Mary Therese Klinker, one of the eight military women killed in Vietnam, was the flight nurse on the U. I remember he had a large hole in his chest and I knew it was a gunshot wound or a grenade injury.

One evening a friend and I were walking down the road and a sniper shot two of our soldiers down in front of us.

A nurse in Vietnam

He was semi - conscious and his vital signs were weak. There were GIs exposed to flame throwers or gas explosions.

He called me from across the room, "Jacque, come here quick. It was so obvious most of the time.

He looked like a stage dummy who'd been thrown haphazardly in a pile. They were specially labeled and handled the good old government way. Usually the nurses would have to sort out the wounded with a physician at hand.

I just couldn't let him go alone. You had these helicopters land and there could be casualties with various stages of injuries. You worked hard to restore them to their maximum health so they could carry on with their lives. He spent about two hours there in the emergency room talking to me while waiting for the jeep to come down and pick him up.

Nursing Internships in Vietnam

You were supposed to clean them up, call the chaplain. The corpsmen had evidently bundled him together into the bag hoping maybe something would be there that was salvageable.

This internship is an opportunity to expand your medical knowledge by watching experienced professionals in action. This will give you an idea of what direction you want to take after qualifying.

The worst of the other non-expectant ones were the traumatic amputations of legs or other limbs. He was drafted right out of high school. And whether they knew anyone was there or not, I always made sure someone was. He died in the emergency room. It's tragic, but it happens.

Observe and care for patients after surgery, assisting nurses where you can The treatment of patients after surgery is often crucial to their recovery process. Mast-trousers is an apparatus you inflate that puts pressure on the lower half of your body to allow adequate blood flow to your heart and brain.

I had to pry my hand away from his hand, because he had held on to my hand so tightly. You could never know with those folks whether they could hear you or not.

Women in the Vietnam War

You know, the Chinook is this great big helicopter, this two-blade deal that can carry people. No one really understood what she had experienced, which caused her to pull back from her friends. the Army Nurse Corps during the Vietnam war.

On 11 JuneCOL Hays also became a Brigadier General the first woman and the first nurse in American military history to attain general officer rank.(7) The first head-quarters position in Vietnam held by an Army Nurse. Bettie J. Vierra, Air Force Nurse Corps, tends to a Vietnamese child during MEDCAP (Medical Civic Action Program), Vietnam, or Find this Pin and more on Combat Nurses in Vietnam by Christy Leonard.

Women in the Vietnam War. Jan 31,  · Nurses treated soldiers’ physical wounds, and Red Cross women worked to boost the morale of troops, tending to their emotional wounds. Photo A Red Cross worker with servicemen in Vietnam.

Nurses in Vietnam ranged from the new to the seasoned, though the average age of service was and 65 percent had less than two years nursing experience.

While nurses were predominantly female, 21 percent were male, and the Vietnam War was the first war in which male nurses served as officers in the Army Nurse Corps. Aug 02,  · Watch video · Women in the U.S.

Navy, Air Force and Marines in Vietnam. Members of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps also played an important role in the conflict beginning in Nurses in Vietnam. Source: Nurses in Vietnam: The Forgotten Veterans.

Freedman, Dan and Jacqueline Rhoads, editors. Austin, Texas: Texas Monthly Press, Inc., The nurses would put extra tourniquets around their necks to get ready to clamp off blood vessels.

The stretchers were all prepared, and we'd go down each row hanging IVs all.

Nurse in vietnam
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