Sociology concussions in sports

The Consensus Statement continued to recognize the evolving nature of scientific knowledge about concussion. Apparently leagues and coaches are getting the message but parents are wanting their kids to go back in prematurely against rules and protocols.

One of these factors involves how we make sense of the concussion problem within the hyper-masculine culture of many sports. This was slightly less than the rate of 1.

Head Case - Complete Concussion Managements

Yes, in part, sport can be made to be safer, but there is always going to be risk involved in every sport, and some sports involve contact more than others. In understanding the defense of the status quo, we need to think about the importance of memory and nostalgia, both in terms of structuring human perceptions in general and perceptions of sport in particular.

I think a more interesting question is: Every subsequent concussion, in fact, offers an increased risk of additional concussions in the future. Combat sports such as boxing, football, and rugby exist on the boundary of socially acceptable and unacceptable violence.

This encourages him to further focus on football, shutting out other perspectives, abilities, and social groups. But whatever regulations are introduced, they need to come from consultation and consider the way that players are likely to respond.

We need to think about the importance and nostalgia, which give a sense of security in a rapidly changing world. Because college athletes tend to have greater access to and more interaction with medical professionals, the increase may be due to medical infrastructure rather than differences in the number of actual concussions sustained.

As expected, concussions were responsible for The number of concussions that high school athletes are estimated to happen annually: The Consensus Statement continued to recognize the evolving nature of scientific knowledge about concussion.

What might a more sociological perspective suggest. Within a given sport, females tend to report higher rates of concussion than males. Studies also suggest that players are bigger, faster, and contact is more severe than ever before Izraelski, One concussion is enough and the system failed this young man.

I think a more interesting question is: Most of the research in sport concussion focuses on accidental occurrence of the injury but there is also an ethical problem with intentional injury, particularly in professional leagues and elite competition such as the NHL Izraelski, It is the year when numerous high schools switched their athletic training structure so that there were more full-time employees working with the students.

Pre-testing athletes for these types of conditions would result in prohibition from certain kinds of sport participation for those so diagnosed. Rather, action should come at the systemic level. In addition to gender, socioeconomic status may influence reporting rates — as well as which athletes choose to play violent sports.

Concussions: A Sport Ethics Commentary

No game, tournament, or event is worth a lifetime of disabilities or taking on an increased risk of death. Most significantly, medical staff need autonomy….

The only problem is that it was never documented in the past, so rates were under-reported. In my estimation, and this is purely a guess, I see that the writing is on the wall: Anchoring oneself to the past gives a sense of security in a rapidly changing world.

In addition to gender, socioeconomic status may influence reporting rates — as well as which athletes choose to play violent sports.

20 Remarkable Concussions in High School Sports Statistics

The helmet case evidence was exposed by P. Additionally, athletes suffer concussion at a much higher rate than the general population and that is attributable to sport injury. Girls in the age demographic sustain sports- and recreation-related TBIs most often while playing soccer, basketball, or while cycling.

The authors offer a critical examination but highlight also the many positive aspects of sports. The NFL currently has thousands of lawsuits pending, and as parents begin to sue universities and high schools, administrators will be forced to conduct a cost-analysis.

What does it mean as a society that we are willing to allow individuals to risk their health and well-being in order to be entertained.

Change is already occurring. The issue, however, is that the professional athlete has access to a lot of medical resources that the high school athlete does not have. This number rose to 21, byand reached 28, in It was reported that college soccer players experienced 0.

A lack of scientific consensus on defining concussions and confusion in a sports knowledge base in this area undermines reassurances that concussions can be managed properly. The social benefits of contact sports along with the risk of concussed athletes is also considered.

Introduction to Sociology/Sociology of Sports

Gender and Sports []. Recent research suggests that there are no differences in sports-related concussions between men and women. Some had suggested that the increased participation of women in a variety of sports may be of concern because it was believed women suffered more serious effects from sports-related concussions.

The sports media has a fascination with concussions. Not only is there a huge volume of stories about the issue, but there’s also an urgency to the tone of the reporting. The heightened coverage. 20 Remarkable Concussions in High School Sports Statistics In the last decade, there has been an increased awareness about the dangers of a concussion to a high school athlete.

Past athletes would have just been told to “rub some dirt in it” and get back out to finish the game. sports (Valovich, Schwartz, Bay, ; Field, Collins, Lovell, & Maroon, ). The culture of football is especially interesting in the context of concussions, as noted in a research article in The Sport Psychologist, “The sport of American football is believed to perpetuate ideologies of masculine.

Sociology March 15, 0 By Don Porter With the recent conclusion of the Winter Olympics, I recall Leaving South Korea in May via Pusan on a troop ship.

Sociology concussions in sports
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Concussions aren't only a medical issue